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  • Speedo BioFUSE Power Paddle

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    Speedo Power Paddle are engineered for maximum resistance in the water to increase upper body strength and power. This training aid features Speedo BioFUSE technology for maximum comfort and fit. BioFUSE Power Paddle Set manufactured by Speedo Swimwear the worlds leading swimwear brand. Speedo is passionate about life in and around the water, creating revolutionary new technologies, designs and innovations. 


    • Designed with Speedo BioFUSE technology for maximum comfort and fit
    • Engineered for maximum resistance in water
    • Increases upper body strength and power
    • Ergonomically engineered shape for improved grip and reduced hand fatigue
    • Stiff blade with Thermoplastic rubber overmoulding for optimum power transfer and comfort
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  • Speedo BioFUSE Power Paddle
  • Where the Paddle Makes You Work

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