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  • Aqua Sphere Pursuit Wetsuit - Mens

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    Dive into triathlon with the Aqua Sphere Pursuit men's wetsuit!

    If you're thinking of getting in to open water swimming, or participating in a triathlon this year, then the Pursuit mens wetsuit is a great place to start! Aqua Sphere tri wetsuits incorporate a variety of features designed to help you swim fast and in comfort.

    The Aqua Sphere Pursuit triathlon wetsuit provides plenty of freedom of movement, allowing for a full range of motion when swimming. The Yamamoto 38 neoprene core section offers an optimized balance of flexibility, reduced drag coefficient and durability. An SCS coating provides the lowest drag coefficient available to maximize your speed on race day..


      • Aqua-Grip™ Cuffs and Aqua-Flex™ Collar: Prevent water from leaking in, keeping you warm and preventing distraction during your swim.
      • Aqua Drive: The core of the wetsuit acts as the primary planing surface while swimming. Aqua Drive technology optimizes your body position in the water through the use of strategically placed neoprene panels. These panels add buoyancy in targeted zones so that your body position is higher in the water, reducing drag and increasing your efficiency!
      • SCS Coating: The Pursuit wetsuit glides through the water more efficiently thanks to the SCS, or Super Composite Skin coating. The hydrodynamic coating improves your speed in the water by reducing drag/resistance . SCS has ultra low friction, helping to improve the neoprene's durability, strength and surface abrasion properties.
      • Thermo Guard: A 5mm thick core panel helps to retain body heat during cold water swims.
      • Quick Release Ankle Panels: During a triathlon, every second counts. The quick-release panels on the ankles ensure a quick transition time.
      • Easy-Pull Deep Back Zipper: Another time saving addition for a speedy transition from the swim to cycle phase of your triathlon.
      • 100% UV Protection: The sleeveless wetsuit provides 100% UV protection, useful if you're taking part in an Ironman distance swim this summer.
      • Material: Yamamoto 39 super stretch neoprene.
  • Aqua Sphere Pursuit Wetsuit - Mens
  • Aqua Sphere Pursuit Wetsuit - Mens
  • Aqua Sphere Pursuit Wetsuit - Mens

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