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Reagan Radford

Reagan is an ex-national competitive swimmer who has been involved with swimming for over 20 years either as a swimmer, coach and board member with numerous swimming clubs. He graduated with a markeing degree from Victoria University in Wellington and still swims regularly to keep fit


Kane Radford

Kane is currently New Zealands Open Water Champion. Swimming at numerous World Championships and winning such prestigious races such as the RCP Tiburon Mile and State Ocean Swim Series numerous times, Kane has a vast wealth of inernational experience and knowledge that he is happy to share. 

There is not much swimming wise that these brothers do not know. 


Jessie Radford

Jessie is Reagans wife and the good looking one out of the three. She is a highly successful hockey player playing not only club hockey but also National league where she represented Northland and North Harbour. She is currently a teacher at Victoria Avenue Primary School where she uses her children and people skills when selling swimwear. 


Audi - The Spoodle

Audi is the Radfords beloved Spoodle and there is not much that they do without him. His role in the business is to stand guard and greet the many couriers and customers who come to our business. As you can probably tell he is more likely to lick you then anything else. 



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