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    One of the best open water races in the world is called the Tiburon Mile. It is a race that is swum in San Francisco and has a winner takes all prize up for grabs. I was lucky enough to be asked to go and swim at this race for the 5th year in a row. It’s always a super fun event and I get looked after so well you feel like a movie star while being over there. Ever time I go over I make sure I make it to a Giants baseball game and I made it again this year and got amazing seats right behind home plate. When ever you go away you have to make sure you see what is around the place. This race is about 2km long from Angel Island back into main land Tiburon, the most challenging thing about this race is the water temp this year it was around 15 degrees and it is a non wetsuit race.

    This year I managed to get third after winning for the past 2 years and taking the $10,000 Prize money. It was a very tight race with the race coming down too who had the best line into the finish. Straight after this race I flew out  to Hong Kong to race in the Fina World Cup race which is 10km. This was the last stop of the world cups and being the last stop all the big names in open water swimming were there. This race was a very tight race with only 11secs between first and tenth I happened to get tenth in this race. I was right there with 500m to go and then I lost my timing chip so I had to stop to find it and then stuff it down my suit and carry on swimming. This lost me time and dropped me from the front of the pack to the back of it as this is the most crictical time in the race which really sucked. We have to make sure that we finish with the timing chips or else we would be DQ’d. I was pretty happy with this result as it shows that I am getting closer and closer to the best swimmers in the world.

    Its now back to Perth for me back to work and get back into full training now. Just like to say a massive thanks to Bod Placak who helped get me to these two events as without his support I would not have been able to go to either of these events and get critical race experience that I need to improve my swimming



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