• Race Day is in sight


    I have now shifted into the last Hotel for final preparations and things are starting to come together for my first race, the 5km, on Saturday. I arrived in Spain in early June and this is the fourth or is it the fifth Hotel that I have stayed in; I am losing count.  Since leaving New Zealand I have been living out of a suitcase now for 14 weeks, so I have forgotten what it is like to have drawers, but have learnt to be very tidy. All the teams are now arriving and the training pool is starting to resemble the League of Nations with an amazing array of coloured caps; a representation of all the countries. This is a sign that racing is getting close. Had a great week staying, training and chilling with the NZ pool swimmers.  It was great to hang out with them and catch up as I had not seen them since April when I went to Perth.  I have left them now as the Open water venue is in a different part of Barcelona from the pool swimming. 

    I am fortunate that I have been able to stay on after my events to watch the pool swimming so will see them again at the pool complex. Special thanks to Mr and Mrs Snyders for allowing me to crash at their apartment, so I can stay to watch.   The temperatures continue to soar here and are normally over 30 so it is certainly staring to heat up.  It is time to get excited now with racing about to begin.  I have spent a long time over here preparing for these
    races.  I am still doing roughly 7km trainings but the high intensity has dropped so they are a little easier and I am feeling ready to race.

    I am excited to catch up with Mel my coach from Perth.  She arrives on Thursday and is part of the coaching staff for the Australian Open Water Team.  It will also be great to catch up Rhys my training partner from Perth.  The 10km will be swam  on Monday 22nd and then the team 5km event on Thursday.

    Here is the link to follow for live results:

    The hotel we are in is very very new and has all the bells and whistles right up there with all the latest space age gizzmos and is designed to make you feel as though you are in a space ship that is in actual space so it is
    very interesting.
    Well done to all those swimmers who swam at the Greerton Winter Meet - 1st meet of the season.  Special congratulations to Swim Rotorua swimmers Bianca Donelley for breaking Bay Records, David Boles and William Spear for achieving SNZ Short Course times and all those swimmers who swam personal bests times.  Well done Team.

    This will be my last blog before my races so will talk to you guys soon..


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