• Race Day is getting closer

    Sorry for the delay in this week’s blog but not a lot has been happening just swim, eat ,watch sport, swim, eat, bit more live stream sport then sleep again.  So I have not got a lot to say really so here goes.


    Well the 4th week in Barcelona has now drawn to a close and on Monday we will be moving from CAR to the staging camp, where the entire SNZ team will be based.  It will be great to catch up with my old training partners from Auckland and for the whole team to be together.   This last week I have been swimming around 70 odd Kms and the training facility has been filling up.   Trainings have been going Ok and I am grateful that the young Spanish open water boy has been hanging in there with me.   Distance training is really hard when you have to do it by yourself and all I want to do is race but still have 2-3 weeks to go.  


    I saw the funniest thing at the pool the other day – a swimmer wearing a pair of togs with the words Maori skin and a design, so random.  The Spanish and Greek water polo teams have arrived along with the Spanish synchronized swimming Team.    I do not know what I would do without live stream sport and have been watching a lot of tennis this past week.  It was an incredible game between Djokovic and Del Potro and then a master class display from Murray to win.  On Saturday I played tourist for the day and jumped on a tour bus and saw all the sights around the city of Barcelona.  The highlight was seeing where the 1992 Olympics were held.  The weather is heating up now and is around 81 Fahrenheit or in Celsius 27.2.  The food is pretty average and forgot to pack the tomato sauce so have had the odd withdrawals for it but have adjusted to eating without it.   Will be back in touch soon with another update

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