• The Countdown has begun

    Well the countdown of less then 30 days to worlds has begun. It feels somewhat surreal that it is that close. I have now moved into where we are having a sea level training camp for 3 weeks at a place called CAR; it is one of the Spanish High Performance Training Centres (similar to the AIS).  It is situated in Sant Cugat del Valles and was a Mental Institute many many years ago but has been renovated into a state of the art Training centre.  I have joined up with some of the pools swimmers so it is good to catch up with them. I am rooming with Glenn Synders, which is always good. CAR has great facilities for training but I am not a fan of the living arrangements.   The rooms are very simple, with just two beds and that’s about it, no TV or anything so there has been a lot of streaming over the internet and watching movies on lap tops just to pass time.


    Training is all about getting ready for Worlds so I am just ticking over the km’s and working on a bit of speed. I am still doing upwards of 80km a week while at this training camp.  There is a local Spanish boy who is 17 and is training for the Junior European Open Water Champs who I asked if he would like to train with me, so he has joined me over the last week. It has been very lonely doing all the trainings by myself so it was great to have someone training with me and he is a very hard trainer so it helps to push me along.


    I even managed to go into Barcelona on the weekend to have a look around and I have never seen so many people in one place.  You had to dodge people as you walked down the street. We also went down to the beach where there were also so many people that you could not find a spot on the sand where you could stretch out.  If you did stretch your arms you would be touching people; it’s definitely no Papamoa!  


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    Till next week “adios” 

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