• Touch Down in Spain

    I have now arrived in Spain and the preparation for Worlds seems more real and race day is getting closer.


    I arrived in Spain on Tuesday after a very long flight from Perth which including a stopover in Dubai of three hours.   I was lucky enough to still be very tired from the last few weeks workload so slept on both flights.  Nothing is better than falling asleep before take-off and waking up just as the plane lands.   What a magnificent part of the world – the history and scenery  is very cool.  This past week was a recovery week for me so only 60 odd km was scheduled which  seemed  like nothing after the last few weeks.  Was very excited about this.  However, I did have a 10km to race at the end of the week.  This race is the Spanish Open Water Championship and their selection event for swimmers to compete at the World Championships.  All the top European swimmers will be attending this as we are all here to use this event as a good hit out before the main event.  The swim is on the same course that the World Championships will be. 


    When arriving in a new country the hardest thing is always trying to adjust to the time zone, the new culture, and the food they eat. The hardest thing I have found in Spain is how late they do things i.e. Lunch is not till after 1pm and Dinner 8pm and let’s not forget the language barrier – every day brings a new challenge with that.  It is very entertaining trying to communicate with someone who cannot speak English. 

    I was very frustrated when we arrived for a training session on Tuesday to find we were training in an indoor pool – why would Barcelona have an indoor pool the weather is so nice here??  But it is only for this week so it is what it is. 

    I  brought my Nepessro machine with me from Perth so am happy about that as nothing bets something familiar from home before a race. 


    Race Day – Saturday 15th June 2012

    There was a very strong field of Europeans including the 2011 World Champion Spiros Gianniotis who was placed 4th at the Olympics.  The course had a lot of very tight turns that I have never encountered before in 10km races, so that made direction a key part of the course.  The longest leg of the course was 500m where normally it can be up to 1500m.  I had a great race and finished 2ndbehind Spiros Gianniotis.  It was a solid race and I couldn’t ask for better preparation leading into the pinnacle event in a month’s time.  Now it is straight back into training and yes another 100km week.  The good news is this will be the last 100km week in my preparation for worlds.  I am looking forward to catching up with the NZ pool team that did not go to altitude training as we will all train at sea level. 


    Special thanks to Swimming Bay of Plenty for announcing me as Swimmer of the Year – appreciate the support.  Well done all those that received awards. 



    Here are some photos of my race



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