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    June 11th

    Another week of 100km is now done and dusted and Yippee now onto a recovery week.  This is the first recovery week since I arrived.   Three weeks training = 290+ kms. Yesterday was my first day off as the 1st 100km week ended with a 1500m Freestyle race on Sunday.  And it was short course so no more to be said (not keen on all those turns).  My body is shattered and I am looking for a new one.  The funny thing during this week was that when the workout was only 8km instead of the “normal” 10km I would be very happy.  I am wondering if this is normal to be excited about an 8km work out.   I am looking forward to this week more than I can explain.  The last three weeks seem to have been all about the living at the pool and drinking lots of coffee, but the positives are my fitness is fantastic and I am getting mentally tougher with each training.

    The other excitement for me this past week was I found a NZ Shop which stocks all the good stuff from home that is not in the supermarkets.  I stocked up on cookie time biscuits, and treated myself with a pixie caramel and an L & P.  My bags are all packed as I depart for Barcelona via Dubai on Monday to prepare for the World Championships.  It will be great to catch up with the rest of New Zealand Team who left on Saturday.  I will be making the most of this week’s recovery sessions as the week will conclude with me swimming a 10km and 5km at the Spanish Champs. These events are been swam on the same course the World Championships are so it is a great opportunity to get a feel of the course.

    Sorry this blog is a bit short but the reality is this past week has all been about swimming sleeping and drinking coffee. I have not even been able to watch sport. And yes there still was the odd swim in the 17 degree river on top of the pool workouts.

    My next blog will be coming from Barcelona.


    June 4th

    The two month count down has now started until I hit the water for worlds. That means I still have another 4 weeks of living on a cliff.   The past three weeks my workouts have been Week 1 -  80km, Week 2 - 90km and I am just completing Week 3 of 100km just to get the juices flowing.  I still have another Week of 100km to complete.   During this time my life has been simple to ensure  I make it  through the week.   These days have  consisted of swimming, eating then more sleeping  with the odd bit of NBA action in there.   It has been a massive emotional and physical rollercoaster that I have been on over the last week from moments in trainings where I am loving life and feeling as fresh as a daisy to other times where I have never felt so sore, broken and life is miserable.   


    My training partners are the  Australian and Japanese Open Water Champion and we train in a 50m Outdoor Pool at Challenge Stadium Perth.  The opportunity to be able to train with other Open Water athletes has been fantastic.  Our trainings also consist of a third session some days which has us swimming in a river  in temperatures of 17 degrees.   Just another little challenge. 



    Come back for an update this time next week.


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